Knowing About Bible Prophecy

There are certain principles that guide Bible prophecy.

These are observation, interpretation and application.

1. Observation

This includes what you see written in the Bible prophecy; what you hear spoken by the Prophet in the name of the Lord; and what you touch or read.

according to Jeremiah 11: 1-4,

 "The word that came to Jeremiah from the Lord saying, hear you the words of this covenant and speak unto the men of Judah and to the Inhabitants of Jerusalem: And say unto them; thus saith the Lord God of Israel cursed be the man that obey not the words of this covenant"

So you can see, hear, touch and read this word from God written by Jeremiah the Holy man of God as he was moved by the Spirit. This what Bible prophecy is all about.

2. Interpretation

The second principle is the interpretation of the Bible prophecy. Every Bible prophecy is subject to interpretation. This gives meaning to what God is saying by the Prophet.

In Matthew 1: 23; "Behold a virgin shall be with Child and shall bring forth a son and they shall call his name Emmanuel, which being interpreted is God with us".

3. Application

The third is the application. the Bible prophecy must be applicable. that is it must be fulfilled at one time or the other in the generation God has purposed for it.

In Matthew 13: 13- 14, Jesus spoke to the crowd in parable and they could not understand, seeing and hearing. and he said in verse 14 " In them is fulfilled the prophecy of Isaiah"

This is applying Bible Prophecy which provides solutions to problems and answers to questions raised by the prophecy.

Bible prophecy is different from the church prophecy you hear today because it has been sealed and is not open to private interpretation.

Author: Rev Wilkey Ozor

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