What is Fourth Kingdom Prophet Daniel of Old Saw?

Ans: There are five kingdoms God recognized as being world governments that shall arise at their appointed times; then the end shall come.

          These are:
  1. 1.      Babylonia / Iraq kingdom under king Nebuchaduezzar Dan 2:37-38.   
  2. 2. The Persian / Iran kingdom under king Darius: Dan 5:30-31; Dan 2:39)
  3. 3. The Roman kingdom under Augustus Caesar. (Luke 2:1-2; Dan 2:39)
  4. 4. The America UN kingdom under franklin Roosevelt 1945: (Dan 2:40-43)
  5. 5. The Israeli kingdom under Jesus the son of God after the rapture and great tribulation (Dan 2:44-45; Zach 14:9 and Rev 11:15).

They are distinguished by their military power, their government composition and their culture.

While the military weapon of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd kingdoms were primitive and of spears; hammer, bows and arrows, their government and culture united to the leading nations;

That of 4thkingdom is diverse from theirs. The military is nuclear rockets, computerized machine guns, armoured cars; jet fighters and other sophisticated weapons. Their government is democratic, with veto powers (Dan 2:41-42).

Their culture is worldwide games, people gather together without mixing up with each others culture like in Olympic games and football matches.   (Dan 2:43).

Today we are children of the fourth kingdom of Daniel.

We have the American invention of an atomic nuclear bomb in 1945 fulfilling Daniel’s prophecy. Today we have 10 top nuclear power nations in our world government of UN.

And in the UN government is a democracy with the slogan of “Unity in diversity” and veto power nations and none veto-power nations Daniel predicted as iron and clay, partly strong and partly broken (Dan 2:41-42).

Today we have world people come together in Olympic games and world cups without marrying each others culture.

The fourth kingdom is the last gentile ruled world government; then a Jewish world leader shall take over in the 5th kingdom. (Dan 2:44-45) Lk 21:24; Zech 14:9, Rev 11:15).

And that Jewish man shall be Jesus Christ; the son of God. He shall be both political and religious world leader.

And his reign shall be full of peace and rest, and the development or civilization shall be heavenly. We look forward to entering into it through receiving Jesus as Lord and entering into his rapture. 

Do you understand?

Watch below video to get a better understanding!

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