What Does the Bible Say About Divorce and Re-Marriage? {Must Watch}

What does the Bible say about Divorce and Re-Marriage has been a thing of confusion among married and unmarried People Nowadays.

Many people teach that you cannot get remarried after a divorce because it is adultery, but is that really what the Bible says, or have we misunderstood something? Learn the Biblical truth about divorce and remarriage.

According to Matt 19:4-4: "What God has Joined together, let no man put asunder"

This video will highlight God's mind toward divorce and remarriage and additionally, it will also help you in several ways; Such as:

► Teach you to maintain your marital status
►  Having the spirit of forgiveness; not to be quick to divorce e.t.c

And of course, if you obey God in your marriage; you'll have Joy, Long Life, Peace and Prosperity isn't exempted.

Do, well to drop comments below if you still have any Lagging doubt to clear concerning this Issue and we'll get back to you.


Bible Reference: MATT 19:4-6; Malachi 2:6; 1 Cor 7:11; 15; 17


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