Answer: It is good you know this. Christians are spirit children of Abraham, while the Zionists are the carnal children of Abraham (Gal 4:29-31).

The Christians are born again generation; the Zionists are not but carry the spirit of God. (1 John 3:9; Ezek 37:14)without Jesus carrying their own spirit in his body.

The Christians are rooted to the promise of Isaac whose spiritual mother is the New Jerusalem in Heaven, (Gal 4:26) while Zionists are connected to Ishmael covenant, whose mother is allegorically the natural Jerusalem in sin here on earth in Israel (Gal 4:25).

The Christians are the products of the first rain, the first outpouring or release of grace upon the earth beginning from Jerusalem which gave birth to the church of Jesus Christ (Joel 2:23; Acts 2:17; Acts 2:42-47).

While Zionists are the products of the second rain, the second outpouring or release of grace upon the earth beginning from Jerusalem after rapture which shall give rise to Zionism a true Jewish religious movement that shall produce two olive trees (witnesses) called Zionists and two candlesticks (groups in a type of synagogue church / Zionists groups representing Jewish zionists group and Gentile Zionist group: Rev 11:3-4; Zech 4:11-14; Gal 2:7-8; Rev 1:20, Joh 16:2-3).

The Christians are saved by faith in Jesus Christ, theZionists are saved by the election of Gods sovereign power on his covenant bid to Abraham to make him a father of all nations (Gen 17:4-6; Rom 11:26-28).

The Christians live by the faith of Jesus (Gal 2:20) and the Zionists live by the law of God written in their hearts, Jer 31:33 and by religion practice true Zionism(Zech 6:12-13; Zech 14:16-21).

Christians preach the gospel of the kingdom and love of Jesus to the world (Joh 3:16, Math 24:14 while the Zionists shall preach the everlasting gospel of judgment of Jesus to the world in tribulation (Rev 14:6-10, Acts 17:31).

The Christians shall experience rapture (1 Thess 4:15-18) but the Zionists shall experience ascension (Rev 11:11-12). All in heaven in their various glories (Heb 12:23).

The Profit: 

There is a blessing in knowing the difference between the Christians and the Zionists.
It will help you know the group of God’s sainthood you belong.

We belong to the 6thSainthood before rapture while the Zionists belong to 7th Sainthood after rapture; they are the great tribulation saints (Rev 7:14).

The knowledge of the difference between Christians and Zionists will help you know the scriptures that belong to us Christians our promises to claim and those that belong to the Zionists.

Yes, our riches in grace is more of spiritual blessings Eph 1:3 while that of the Zionists is more of natural or carnal blessings Deut28:1-14).

It will help you focus on rapture than the Zionist's ascension; because many Christians believe that when they miss rapture they shall shed their own blood to be ascended to heaven; which is not true of our sainthood (Heb 10:26-31).

When you know these things, it will help you to value what Jesus has done for you in this dispensation of Christian grace release by faith in Jesus; when salvation is on a platter of gold – to make us sons of God not servants of God like the Zionists and another sainthood before us. (1 Joh 3:1-3).

Message for you:  What message do you receive from the answers to the question, what is the difference between Christians and Zionists?

Many years ago, Joel prophesied that God shall release two outpouring of grace upon the earth.

“The former rain and latter rain”. (Joel 2:23)

The former rain of grace was released on the Pentecost day upon the apostles in the upper room in Jerusalem (Acts 2:4) which gave rise to the church of Jesus starting with over 3000 disciples (Acts 2:40-47)

And these are called “Christians” for the first time at Antioch.” (Acts 11:26)

The latter rain shall come after rapture when religious antichrist shall defile the Jewish temple by his claim that he is God. (2 Thess 2:4) The Jews shall react by deserting the temple unto national repentance.

And God shall respond to their cry by releasing the spirit of grace and supplication upon them which shall gradually spread to all nations of the earth (Zach 12:10-14).

This latter rain release of grace shall produce the Zionists (Isaiah 66:7-8) which shall be the mouthpiece of God in time of tribulation (Rev 11:3-6).

God bless you

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