Who Is Jesus, When Did He Become The Son Of God and How? - Rev Wilkey Ozor

The above topic contains 3 questions:

1. Who Is Jesus?
2. When Did He Become the Son of God?
3. How did he become the Son of God?

Many teachings have been laid down pertaining to this topic but in this video by Rev Wilkey Ozor, we are going to learn the true answers to these questions in details backed up with scriptural references.

Knowledge of this will endear you to God and his Son, making you know more about who you're serving.

Endeavour to watch this video till the end in order to enjoy the benefits of knowing who Jesus Is.

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BIBLE REFERENCE: Luke 1:30-35; John 1:1-3; Acts 13:33-34; Phil 3:21 John 20:17;  John 5:24

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