Is Internet Biblical, What Is Bad And Good About It?

Is Internet Biblical, What Is Bad And Good About It?

Answer: Yes, the internet is biblical, and has a lot of bad and good things about it like in this world. It could be said to be the software of this world or a replica of this world in the sense that whatever that is going on in this world can be seen clearly in it. It is accessed with computer fondly called the God of this world.

Benefits: I think you can gain a lot of things in knowing about the internet from its biblical perspective.

It is going to correct your mindset because many people do not want to be involved looking at its bad aspect.

Knowing about the internet will help you advance your ministry or God-given talent in your life to a worldwide level.

It is self announcing and highly connective. It will connect you to your vision helpers; partners
you never could have met in life. It will announce you beyond your own small world of seclusion.

If you can be patient to read this message to the end, your life and ministry will never remain the same.

What Is The Message? Yes, the question is; is internet biblical and what is bad and good about it?
Yes, it is biblical. To start; Prophet Daniel of old said in Daniel 12:4; in the last days “knowledge shall be increased”.
Internet is 21st-century discovery and is most current. Where is it in the Bible? Turn with me to Isaiah 59:1-21. Let us read verse 5-6.
“They hatch Cockatrice eggs; and weave the spider’s web: he that eateth of their eggs dieth and that which is crushed breaketh out into a viper. The webs shall not become garments, neither shall they cover their wroks: their works are works of iniquity and their acts of violence is in their hands”
Read it down up to verse 15; you see the bad aspect of the internet revealed to Isaiah.

There is no doubt Isaiah saw the internet many years ago before its invention in our generation.

He saw the world wide web pages (www) fondly called “web”: a computer network consisting of a collection of internet sites that offer text and graphics and sound and animation resources through the higher text transfer protocol.

And he called it spider’s web which if anybody eats it shall die, and if it is crushed viper breaks out of it. Why? This is because if you are an internet enthusiast and specialize in evil sites or aspects of it; you will be possessed of an evil spirit out of it which if you are not delivered may die a sinner’s death (James 1:13-15).

And if you are given to reading, watching and meditating on its videos, graphics or pictures and texts, you will surely run yourself into trouble, producing evil characters and behaviours that may lead you into viperous troubles.

Isaiah said that these webs are not really garments that could cover your works or your sins; rather by the time you begin to practice what you have learnt and seen in the webs, you will be exposed. Do you understand?


Well, reading from verse 16 to 21; you see the good aspect of the internet. That good aspect is all about salvation from Jesus the arm of the Lord God. He came and died for the sins of the whole world.

He was buried after three days God raised him up from the dead. Today he is alive and willing to enter into the heart of anyone who believes in him.

With the Spirit of Jesus in the heart of a man, he is protected from the evils of the internet.

As a bearer of the spirit of Jesus, you cannot specialize to the evil aspect of the internet pornographic videos and texts that arouse lust that kills the soul. Neither watch crimes that destroy the character and habit.

Rather as a Christian, you read, study and watch things that are good, holy, of good report, truth, honest, just; pure, lovely, things of honour and praise (Phil 4:8).

You use the internet to preach the gospel of Jesus, urging sinners that use it often to repent from sin and to receive Jesus in their lives for new life and eternal life in heaven.

Use the internet to move your ministry to the uttermost part of the world (Rom 10:17-18).

This is the will of God in the internet. To bring the gospel message to all nations so that no one shall have an excuse. To make life easy for all through its network of functions, education,  communication; interactions among people of different ideas; and so on.

As you are in this world to choose to do good or bad; even so on the internet; you are left with the choice to watch good or bad aspects of it. 
God bless you

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