Is New Heaven and Earth The Same as New Jerusalem?

      Is New Heaven and Earth The Same as New Jerusalem?

Answer: No, the new heaven and earth are not the same as New Jerusalem as many people think and believe.

For the fact that one is dropped on the other; the New Jerusalem is dropped on the New Heaven and earth (Rev 21:2).

What is the origin of this concept; how do we know it? What is the difference between the old and the New Jerusalem? Which people occupy the new heaven and earth and which people shall occupy the New Jerusalem.

These shall be unveiled or revealed to you in this article.
Blessings: I believe with all my heart that the knowledge of this shall bless your life and ministry

You will know the truth and the truth you know and believe shall set you free.

Without a doubt, you will be assured of your future home as a Christian, your person and your role as a reigning king and priest and son of God.

If you can be patient to read this answer to the end you shall be happy for it shall increase your zeal in God.

The message on:
Is New Heaven and earth the same as the New Jerusalem? 
And we say No. taking our scripture from Rev 21:1-2,
 John said”
“And I saw a new heaven and a new earth for the first heaven and first earth were passed away and there was no more sea. And I John saw the holy city, the New Jerusalem coming down from God out of heaven prepared as a bride adorned for her husband”.

Remember that God promised to shake heaven and earth that the things that cannot be shaken shall remain or appear in Hebrew 12:26-27.

At the end of this world when God shall shake the heaven and earth, there shall be no place found for them (Rev 20:11)

Then the supernatural heaven and earth out of the beginning or heavenly environment which cannot be shaken shall appear as John saw it (Rev 21:1).

Note that the first heaven and earth were created by God (Gen 1:1-31)  

But this new heaven and earth taking their places just appeared out of heaven; not created for heaven called the “beginning” was not created but just appeared.

For that which appear cannot be shaken or destroyed (Heb 11:3; 12:26-27).
Just as Isaiah said hell shall enlarge herself (Isaiah 5:14) into what John saw as the Lake of fire (Rev 11:15); so heaven shall enlarge herself unto what John saw as new heaven and earth (Rev 21:1). Do you understand?

Yes, because both hell and heaven are not created, they just appeared as in the beginning. (Gen 1:1-2).

The new Jerusalem idea is rooted in the marriage of God to a small baby girl born in Canaan Land whose father is Amorite and the mother Hittite

She was abandoned in a pool of blood with uncut umbilical cord or navel, dying. And God commanded live into her and she lived.

Then God entered into a marriage covenant with her to marry her, own her, bless and prosper her.

But God is a spirit and Jerusalem a flesh. God increased her and prospered her into a kingdom by men and it was counted to her for sin. (Ezek 16:1-13). This is the Jerusalem today on earth in Israel which the Bible said is in sin or bondage with her children (Gal 4:25).

There is heavenly Jerusalem which is the mother of all Christians spiritually speaking (Gal 4:26; Heb 12:22).

But the New Jerusalem is formed by the church wife of Jesus which he bought with his blood on the cross and grew into a city in his glorious body and born into the kingdom of God on the rapture and resurrection day (John 3:3-6; Heb 12:23 Rev 20:6)

This is that church wife of the firstborn, a holy city of the believers God prepared for his son Jesus as a wife that John saw as New Jerusalem descending from God out of heaven and dropped on the new heaven and earth


So the new heaven and earth appeared out of heaven as vast as this first heaven and earth. But the New Jerusalem is a city of Christians God prepared for Jesus to wife. Do you understand? The city is 1960,000 sq. miles said to be as big as the Middle East of the world. (Rev 21:17)

God transferred his glory and throne into this new city to live with Jesus and the Christian believers

But other saved saints, the righteous of all other ages located in other parts of the new heaven and earth come into this great holy city of the believers of Jesus with their glory and honour (Rev 21:24).

God bless you

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