Is God In Existence? How Do You Know It?

Is God In Existence? How Do You Know It?

Answer: Yes God is in existence. The bible says, that it is only a fool that says there is no God. But there are millions, atheists who do not believe there is God.

There are about six solid ways to prove that there is God: 
These are by:
1.                Nature
2.                Faith
3.                Instinct or impulse
4.                Encounter
5.                Revelation
6.                Holy Bible

Do you doubt the existence of God? Then keep reading this message; it is going to benefit you if you can be patient to read it to the end.

It will suddenly open your understanding to believe that there is God.

          It will begin to answer most of your questions about God that you did not know their answers.

          It could activate the voice of God in you to rebuke you of sins thereby making you feel guilty of sins you never recognized as offensive to God and man.

          And you will discover within you that there is God, who is a spirit and invisible to your natural eyes. Yet you can hear his small still voice in your heart.

How then can you know that there is God in heaven who created heaven and earth, and everything therein, including you?


Read the book of Romans 1:20;
“For the invisible things of him from the creation of the world are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even his eternal power and God head, so that they are without excuse”.

Looking at the sky, the heaven over your head and the earth you stand upon; have you taken time to watch over the vastness of the ocean, it's roaring and levels; have you seen mountains before; the trees and forests; the birds of the air and animals in the forest and deserts, the  fishes in the sea; human beings located in various parts of the vast world; have you asked or thought at any time, who made all these? What answer did you receive? Ps 24:1

“The earth is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof, the world and they that dwell therein”


Everybody at one time or the other imagines what he cannot see or understand. This is called faith. There are many things our scientists have developed which we use but don’t understand how they are made. For example Tv; Handset; computer to mention but a few. We all use them by faith.

          Hebrew 11:6 says“But without faith it is impossible to please God. For he that cometh to God must believe that he is (Existing); and that he is a rewarded of them that deligently seek him”

          Yes, by believing in the God that made heaven and earth; you come to know him; you come to know that he is existing and he is a rewarder of them that seek to know him.


Every man has this trait or attribute from God. Even animals have it. It is a sudden upwelling thought or response towards an external stimulus. You know the case of Adam in the Garden of Eden when he ate the forbidden fruit, he instinctively discovered he was naked and ashamed and ran and hide himself under a tree. He heard the voice of God he responded that he was naked and God asked him. 

“Who told you you were naked?”
 Nobody but instinct in him told him he has disobeyed the Lord of the garden. He knew in himself there was an owner of the garden and that is God.

You can also know that there is a lord or master over you called God 
Through unprecidented encounter in visions and dreams and life experiences that saved you from death such as accidents.
          In Exodus 3:1-4, Moses encountered God in a burning bush episode; and Paul on the way to Damascus Christian arrest. Acts 9:5; And when Jesus appeared to him in the form of bright light, he asked, who are thou, Lord? He also answered his own question, “Lord” Nobody taught him that was God but knew it impulsively.

          Another way to know God exists is by revelation, inspiration and the Holy Bible.

God reveals himself to people and inspire them to do things they cannot do naturally.

          Peter said that Holy men of God spake as they were moved by the Holy Ghost. For this purpose the Bible is a divine book which many have believed its story and got result of change; the miracle of salvation, healing, deliverance; prosperity and things that proved to them it is only the God of the Holy Bible has done it.

God bless you.

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