Is Russia In Bible Prophecy? Where and How?


Answer: Yes, Russia is in bible prophecy. Things are getting clearer and clearer as God shed the light for end time on bible prophecies.

We now see Russia federation in ancient names of Gog, Magog, Meshech and tubal.

These are the ancient son of Japheth the son of Noah who migrates to the Europe North of the Caspian sea to settle down as what we know today as Russia. (Ezek 38:1-2; Gen 10:1-2)

The involvement of Russia now, before and after rapture, what he is the doing now, what he shall do during the great tribulation, the fight he is going to fight Israel during the Armageddon war, his defeat at the appearance of Jesus in judgment and his final  rebellion during the 1000 years of Jesus are all carried in bible prophecy.

You,  knowing all these are very important to you as a Christian in this end-time if you will be patient to read this to the end you will be wonderfully blessed

The benefits 

 You will know that what Russia is doing today in world politics, military and culture is not ordinary.
You will be shocked to know that atheistic heart of Russia has been prepared by God for the role he will play in the last days of God dealing with sin, sinners and Satan in the world.

It will help you to be conscious at rapture so that you will not enter into the wrath of God through Russia.

It will help you to see the truth of bible prophecy and its fulfilment in our generation which may lend you to fear God

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Is Russia really on bible prophecy?

Turn with me to Ezekiel 38:1-2

And the word of the Lord came to me saying the son of man set thy face against God, this lord of Magog, the chief priest of Meshack, tubal and prophecy against him.

These are those ancient sons of Japheth who formed the nation of Russia today at Eastern Europe


Today Russia is one of the 193 member nations of this UN of peace Daniel called 4th kingdom. He is a veto- power nation of the UN of peace bible describes as strong as iron (Dan 2:42)

Another area of his fulfilment is in being one of the 10 nuclear power nations of the UN of Peace, real it in Daniel 7:24

“And the ten horns out of this kingdom are 10 kings that shall arise and another shall rise   after them and shall be diverse from the first and shall Subdue 3 kings.”

Today it is a fact that 10 nuclear power nation have risen in this world, namely; (1) America (2) Russia (3)Britain (4) France (5) China (6) India (7) Pakistan (8) Israel (9) North Korea (10) Iran 

The first of this 10 power nuclear nation is America who developed the atomic bomb in 1945 and used it to destroy the unity of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in Japan

The “Another” that shall arise who shall be diverse or different from the first (America) –is believed to be Russia.

The formation of this 10 nuclear power nations in our very eyes sends out a warning bell to rapture event

Believers should know that God has set up Russia to subdue the first – America –in nuclear warfare (Dan 7:24); this shall sound the note of great tribulation in the world. But God will not allow Russia to do this without taking away his spirit-filled believers in Rapture (1 Thess 5:9-10).


As it is in bible prophecy that he shall fight America the first nuclear power nation and shall subdue or defeat her. He shall be wounded in this battle but he shall win as it is written (rev 13:3)

“And I saw one of his heads as it was wounded to death and his deadly wound was healed and all the world wondered after the beast”

 The hidden purpose of Russia is to attain to the seat of power in UN of peace, overthrown America supremacy, reform UN to create a new UN of war in other to control nations by the arms of the war

“And it was given unto him to make war with the saint (Zionist) and to overcome them, and power was given him over all kindred and tongue and nations” (Rev 13:7)


This is the new UN described by John as the beast that was (UN of peace) and was not (falling UN of peace) and that is (reformed new UN of war) Rev 17:8

He shall be the leader of this reformed, revived new UN to war, he shall be a political world leader using the nuclear military to control the nations (Rev 13:7-8)

He shall be the antichrist of that time using atheistic law and propaganda to Blaspheme God and Zionist saint (Rev 13:5-6)

He shall mobilize over 200 million allied forces of all nations to go to Israel for Armageddon war Rev 9:16, Rev 16:14-16

Jesus shall appear suddenly at Armageddon war zone in judgment and Russia shall pay the cost of his atheistic leadership of UN of war

1. Jesus shall destroy all the army of Russia led the UN of war at Armageddon war Rev 17:14, Rev 19:20-21
2. Jesus shall destroy the headquarter of Russia led UN of war prophetically called the mystery Babylon the great, mother of harlot and abomination of the earth (Rev 17:5)

The same headquarter decreed the massacre of the Zionist saint of God (Rev 11:7, Rev 13:7) and so the bible said that she was drunken of the blood of saints of God (Rev 17:6)

The same headquarter was charged with marketing fornication scene to all nations of the world (Rev 18:3)

The same headquarter reigned over all the nations under UN of war (Rev 17:18)

So Jesus in one hour (Rev 18:19) in one day of the Lord’s war (Rev 18:8) destroyed the Russian UN of war headquarter

To mark the end of the gentile reign over the 4th kingdom; to radiate sin, sinner and Satan in the world and to begin the 5th kingdom of the UN glory by Jesus in the new world order for 1000 years as the aspiration of mankind: freedom, righteousness, joy, peace and sustainable development.

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The last time we heard about Russia in bible prophecy is at the end of Jesus 1000 years of reign over the Zionist saint in the world without sin, sinners and Satan

And the Zionist saint of Russia stock, Gog and Magog led a rebellion against Jesus leadership that caused God to send fire from heaven to destroy all the Zionist sinners involved to end the world (Rev 20:8-11).

Now American is leading the world in peace, -will you not believe the gospel and receive Jesus as Lord and saviour than to enter Russia world leadership in war, a nuclear war for the matter.

Will you survive it? 

The choice is yours.

God bless you.

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