Equipping the Churches

Dear Friend,

"Equipping the Churches 2019" is a perfect eschatology seminar Vol 2 for Pastors, Evangelists, Teachers and All Church Workers that will move you to your next level.

The knowledge will help you to help others.

Don't miss it! COME AND SEE!!

Rev Wilkey 
Invites You.

⟶ ⟶⟶⟶ ⟶⟶⟶ ⟶⟶⟶ ⟶⟶⟶ ⟶⟶⟶ ⟶⟶⟶ ⟶⟶⟶ ⟶⟶⟶ ⟶⟶⟶ ⟶⟶⟶

Please help me to share this invitation to your friends.
God Bless You.

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